How can I get my roof ready for winter?

The seasons are changing, and we live in Michigan, which means winter and snow and ice are on their way. We’ve compiled a list of items you might want to check off your to-do list before winter is here to stay. These tips will help keep your roof in good shape and prevent it from damage during winter storms.


1. Clear your gutters

Before the storms of winter arrive, you must check your gutters and clear them of any debris that might have piled up during the fall season. It’s also essential that you check to make sure your gutters are secure to your house. If you have a loose or broken gutter it can lead to overflow and damage your roof and any exterior walls of your home.


2. Check your attic 


When you think of keeping your roof in good shape, you might not think of your attic. But your attic can play a significant role in how well your roof protects your home. You’ll want to check that your attic has an even amount of insulation ( this will keep your heat in and save on your energy bill). This will ensure that you don’t have heat escaping out of your attic, which can get trapped under your shingles. When the heat gets trapped under your shingles, it can lead to ice dams forming on your roof, which can lead to damage to areas of your roof. 


3. Keep Pests Out


You will want to double-check before winter that your roof is free from any damage. As much as we dislike the cold, so do animals and your attic can seem like the perfect spot for squirrels, raccoons, and even mice to hide during the cold winter months. Animals can get inside your house through your roof and cause serious damage. Double checking that you don’t have any damage to your roof will also ensure that they don’t have easy access to your home.

We hope you take some time to implement these pre-winter tasks to ensure that your roof remains damage-free during the winter months.  

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