How to Hang lights Without Damaging your Roof

We could all use a little extra joy and happiness in our lives around this holiday season, which for your family might mean hanging lights on your home. We have put together a few tips on how to hang lights on your home without bringing any damage to your roof.

Tip #1: Buy Plastic Clips

If you’ve watched any holiday movie, you might see the main character attaching Christmas lights to their gutters with nails or staple guns. Don’t do this! While it might seem like an easy option, once you remove the nails, these holes will become an easy area for damage in your gutters, which can lead to damage to your roof. Instead, we suggest buying plastic clips that can attach to your gutter, which you can remove at the end of the season without any damage to your home. 


Tip #2: Walk on your roof as little as possible:

We suggest that you don’t walk on your roof to attach your lights. If possible, it is best to hang your lights by using a ladder only. Walking on your roof over time can shorten the lifespan of your roof. So the best thing to do is stay off the roof and put up lights from a ladder. ( and for safety reason, make sure you have a friend who can help you with the ladder)


Tip #3: Check your Lights for Damage

When putting lights on your roof for Christmas, we recommend that you look for damaged bulbs or frayed wires before you attach the lights to your house. It’s a hassle to secure a whole string of lights that might not light up, but even worse, a damaged light bulb can lead to a potential fire in your home. Inspect all lights both inside and outside of your home to make sure you prevent any sort of fire damage.


We hope that these tips help you feel more confident in keeping your roof damage-free during the winter and holiday season.


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