7 Factors That Affect the Lifespan of Your Roof

Maybe you’ve just replaced your roof, or you’re doing some research before reaching out to a roofing company for a quote. Regardless of the current state that your roof is in, we all want the same thing – our roof to last as long as possible. But how?



There are a handful of outside factors that are affecting the lifespan of your roof. Although not all of these factors are within your control, they’re important to understand to ensure the integrity of your roof. 



This might go unspoken, but the quality of your roof material is going to determine the lifespan. The most popular material for roofing in America is asphalt shingle because they are durable and efficient. In comparison to a tile or metal roof, asphalt does not last as long. That’s why you should consider your roof’s ideal lifespan when choosing which material works the best for your home. 


Weather / Sun Exposure 

The weather conditions are a very prevalent factor when it comes to your roof’s lifespan. Strong winds, heavy hail, snow, ice, etc. will decrease the lifespan of your roof.

Although roofs are created to be strong and durable, even the strongest roofs will begin to wear down if repeatedly exposed to harsh conditions. Increased sun exposure is another large factor that breaks down roofing systems. If you live in an area that has hot days with long durations of sun, this will eventually fade the color and crack the material of your roof over time. Ultraviolet rays accelerate roof deterioration, meaning you might have to replace your roof a lot sooner than anticipated. If you live in a warm, sunny area, always ask your roofing contractor which material is the best for your home. 


Roof Slope or Pitch 

Yes, it’s true. Even the slant of your roof can affect its lifespan! For example, if you have a flat or a roof with a small slope, you might be at risk for an increase in deterioration due to the slow water movement. Most roofing contractors understand that you can’t change the structure of your home on a whim, so typically, they will recommend a more durable material to help protect your roof from this type of damage.


Insulation & Ventilation  

Insulation is key. During the winter, having the proper insulation will help your roof contain heat which will help prevent ice and keep your home warmer during the cold months. In addition to insulation, you should also have proper roof ventilation. This will help keep your roof cool in the summer months, protecting the heat level of your shingles and reducing damage. 



We hate to say it, but installation error happens and it can cause your roof to fail prematurely. The materials you choose are only as important as the installation technique being used. That’s why we recommend choosing a roofing contractor who is experienced and trustworthy in their field to ensure you’re getting the best service for the price. To learn more about choosing the best roofing company for you, read this guide on 11 things to consider before hiring a roofer. 



Darker roofing materials are more common to hold on to heat, which can cause cracking and accelerated damage over time. Whereas lighter roofing materials tend to stay cool. Although the color of your roof might not be a large issue in the region that you live in, it’s always something you should consider and ask your roofing contractor about the best options for your home. 



Regular roof maintenance will ensure that your roof stays in great shape over the years. This means cleaning your gutters, trimming trees, remove moss build-up, looking for any damaged shingles, examining metal framing for rust, removing any debris, and more. Performing a general roof inspection at least once a year will ensure the increased lifespan of your roof over time. Taking care of your roof will help extend its lifespan, putting money back into your pocket! 



At Jobson Roofing, we’re dedicated to giving you the tools to increase the lifespan of your roof. By paying attention to the main factors that affect the life of your roof, we hope you will be equipped to make the right decisions for one of your biggest investments, your home. 



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