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At Jobson Roofing, we’re proud to provide full-service roofing in Kentwood, along with the greater Grand Rapids area. Whether you need a free roof repair estimate near you or emergency roof repair services, our expert West Michigan roofers are happy to help.

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Our Roofing Services in Kentwood

New Roof Installation

If you’re in the process of building a custom home or an apartment complex, Jobson Roofing can help install a new roof on the building. Our crew installs roofs on new residential homes for homeowners and property managers in Kentwood and other cities near Grand Rapids.

Our team can complete new roof installations within two days of work, although the exact timeline of our work will depend on the size of the project. We use quality materials that meet your needs, ensuring your new roof is built to last and looks stylish for decades—all with a lifetime guarantee on our craftsmanship and the shingles we use.

Residential Roof Replacement

Roofs in West Michigan will receive a lot of wear and tear throughout their lifetimes. Between severe summer thunderstorms, winter storms, and heat and sun damage, you may eventually need a roof replacement.

Jobson Roofing uses top-quality GAF shingles and other durable materials for its roof replacement services. This helps your new roof last for decades to come.

Roof Repair

Even wear and tear on an older roof can make roof replacement necessary down the line—that’s why it’s essential to know where to find reputable roofing contractors near you

We provide roof repairs to homeowners and property managers throughout West Michigan, including Kentwood. We’ll also tell you about the factors to consider with our estimate, including homeowners insurance compatibility and pricing for the work your roof needs.

Emergency Roof Repair

We hope you’ll never need to even think about finding emergency roof repair in Kentwood—or anywhere else in West Michigan.

After a tree limb falls onto your roof and makes a hole big enough for rain to seep through, call Jobson Roofing to inspect your roof for emergency repairs. In urgent situations, we can come out either that same day or first thing the next morning. We can also recommend steps to take before we arrive, such as covering the damaged part of the roof with a tarp.

Jobson Roofing can usually complete smaller emergency roof repairs within hours. However, even if you need a total roof replacement, we can complete the work within two days at most.

Free Roof Inspections

Most experts and homeowners insurance companies will recommend periodic roof inspections at least once per year or after severe weather hits your home in Grand Rapids. Professional roofers know to look for signs of damage not only on the roof itself but also in the attic or the ceilings of your upper floors.

If your home experienced a hail storm, we recommend having a professional inspect your roof. Even small hailstones can puncture or dent your shingles, and our roofers will be able to tell if there’s any damage we need to address.

What to Look for in a Roofing Service Near You


Some companies use roofers without any training to get the job done. However, we always encourage you to see how much experience your roofing contractor has before scheduling a job with them.

Many roofers are professional tradespeople who went through an apprenticeship program at a trade school. Others may have received their qualifications through years of on-the-job training. Be ready to ask your roofer about their experience, and if they have certifications from an accredited trade school before letting them onto your roof. This can save you from a lot of liabilities further down the road.


Most qualified roofing contractors will have certifications and accreditations available on their website, elsewhere online, or upon request. Look for their Better Business Bureau accreditation, local trade memberships, and any awards or certifications they’ve received for their work. This illustrates their history of providing residential roofing near you.


Most of a roofing company’s business depends on its local reputation. The roofer’s website might have testimonials speaking to the quality of their work, but it also helps to look further beyond their website for objective reviews.

Google reviews are a great way to see how past customers feel about the roofing company and their work. You may also want to check the residential roofing company’s customer ratings and testimonials from the Better Business Bureau website. Both of these resources are great for getting more insights into what past customers think.

How Much Roofing Contractors Cost in Kentwood

Every roofing situation is different—the same applies to the cost of each job. Here are some of the cost factors for the most common services you might need:

Roof inspections

Some roofing companies offer roof inspection services for roughly $100–200, depending on your roof’s size and type. Jobson Roofing offers roof inspections for free.

Roof repair

Roof repair costs depend on the type of repair needed. For example, damaged shingles without any additional leaks will generally cost less than replacing a large part of your roof.

Emergency roof repair

If you need emergency roof repair after a catastrophic event, you will likely pay even more to repair it urgently. While we’ll always try to give you competitive estimates for our emergency roof repair services, we recommend filing a claim with your homeowner’s insurance.

Roof replacement

While roof replacement costs vary depending on the size, style, and pitch of your roof, it usually costs more than roof repair. Like most experts, we recommend getting roofing estimates from multiple companies when you’re planning a roof replacement.

Why Choose Jobson Roofing?

Neighbors and property owners all over the Grand Rapids area choose Jobson Roofing for residential roof repair needs. Our business is built on trust, transparency, and simplicity.

We offer free roof inspections as part of our services, which rarely take more than a few hours on even the largest and most complex roofs. Once we finish, we’ll discuss the work your roof needs, answer any questions you may have, and provide a simple estimate for our work.

Honest Pricing, No Sales Pitch

Details/information on how customers won’t need to sit through a sales pitch to get the pricing info they need.

We’ll provide you with our honest assessment of the level of work your roof needs, along with a straightforward, understandable estimate. We won’t make you sit through an annoying sales pitch or give you a confusing proposal—we just don’t work like that.

With us, you can expect fair, competitive prices and honest assessments of the amount of work we’ll need to do to get the job done right.

Personalized Roofing Service

No two homes are exactly alike. Neither are the reasons you’re working with us. When you choose Jobson Roofing, we’ll treat your situation as unique and provide you with the exact service you need.

We’ll also offer a timeline of how long the services will take, so you know exactly what to expect. In most cases, once our crew starts working on your roof, they can finish the project within one or two days, depending on the size of your home.

Strong Community Relationships

Our customers in Kentwood are also our neighbors. We’ve built bonds in our community by offering quality work for reasonable prices. The hundreds of 5-star testimonials we’ve received over the years speak to that, and to how we’ll handle your next roofing project.


“Jobson Roofing is great. They are one of the best roofing companies I’ve ever dealt with. They are loyal, honest, dedicated, and trustworthy. I highly recommend them, and they get the job done quick and efficiently.”

—Tracy Z.

“Great company that replaced our roof. Thorough explanation up front from the owner, priced right, and the installation crew was great. Very respectful workers that cleaned up the job site very thoroughly. I highly recommend this company.”

—Matt L.

“We had a complete 2-layer shingle removal and replacement done by Jobson Roofing. The roof repair and installation was perfect, on time, [and] very professional. [The] guys worked hard, [the] roof looks great, and [they] cleaned up nice! Great price!!! I highly recommend Jobson Roofing.”

—Tim T.

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