3 Benefits of Updating Your Roof

When it comes to thinking about replacing your roof, we often come across homeowners who want to “wait until the last minute” before taking the plunge. We’re here to tell you that this shouldn’t be the case! Without a stable, high-quality, and functioning roof, you’re at risk of damaging your home.


There are plenty of benefits to updating your roof before it turns into an urgent matter (e.g leaks, missing shingles, or major damage). Having a reliable and durable roof is going to protect your biggest investments, your home. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of updating your home’s roof.


Increase the Property Value of Your Home

If you’re planning on selling your home soon within the next few years and your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan, you should consider installing a new roof. According to Remodeling Magazine, homeowners see around a 70% return on investment when their home has a new roof. Having a new roof will also increase the curb appeal of your home by making a great impression.  

There are many factors that affect your home’s property value. When you have a brand new roof installed on to your home, you’re able to market your property as energy efficient. Depending on the roofing company that you worked with previously, you will be able to transfer your lifetime roof warranty. This is a great benefit when looking at the value of your home from a buyer’s perspective. 

According to surveys a new roof came in as the number one most appealing home improvement to buyers. 

Having a new roof on your home will help you stand out on the housing market. When prospective homeowners are browsing the housing market, they typically are interested in homes that seem updated and have minimal maintenance costs. Having a new roof gives you an advantage over other sellers because the new homeowners won’t have to replace the roof shortly after they move in – giving them peace of mind.  

When your home goes through the appraisal process, make sure to relay all of your information to your appraiser – this includes the cost of your roof, materials, construction, warranties, and more. 


Improve Ventilation 

Having proper ventilation in your attic is vital for removing excess heat and moisture. Instead of letting the heat and moisture sit and stew in your attic, creating the right air balance plays an important role in keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Having little to no ventilation in your attack may cause mold, high energy bills, and a decreased lifespan of your roof.  When replacing your roof, a certified contractor will inspect and install proper ventilation systems to be used in your home.  


Improve Energy Efficiency 

Having an up-to-date roof on your home can greatly impact your energy efficiency. If your home has been struggling with efficiency, a new roof may show financial benefits over time. With a handful of energy-efficient roofing materials on the market, you’ll be able to find the right material that fits your home’s needs. Many of them have a high degree of solar reflectance, which reflects more of the sun’s heat away from your home during the hot summer months. 


We understand that replacing your roof can be expensive, but there are plenty of benefits to doing so! At Jobson Roofing, we’re dedicated to helping you make the best decisions possible for your home. We’ve been serving the Greater Grand Rapids, Michigan area for decades and we look forward to helping you improve your home. Get a free estimate.