Can I Replace My Roof in the Fall?

If you need your roof replaced, you might be wondering what time of year is best for the big project. Believe it or not, autumn is the ideal season for you to replace your roof for its stable weather and enough time for your shingles to bond and settle on to your roof before winter comes rolling in. 


Keep reading to learn the 5 reasons why you should consider replacing your roof in the fall! 


Perfect Weather Conditions

The ideal temperature to install a roof is between 50 and 60 degrees – making autumn the perfect time for the installation. Having these great temperatures not only benefits the workers repairing the roof but they also allow for asphalt shingles to seal perfectly. When you attempt to install a roof when the temperatures are too cold the shingles may become brittle and fail to stick in these conditions.

It’s also possible for the weather to be “too warm” for roof repair. When it’s above 80 degrees, it’s possible that the adhesive on your roof may dry out before the shingles are properly placed. Although it’s possible for your roof to be replaced in hot or cold temperatures, you’ll want to make sure you work with an experienced professional who knows how to account for the weather conditions properly.


Gives Your Shingles Time to Settle 

When replacing your roof in the fall, it gives your shingles more time to settle, bond, and become airtight before the winter months. Giving your roof more time to bond will better insulate your home and protect it against cold weather and winds. 


End of Summer Storm Season 

During the spring and summer, it’s not uncommon to see an increase in heavy winds and rain. Although your roof can be replaced during the spring and summer months, it’s important to consider the different implications that may bring to your roof repair.


Save on Heating in the Winter 

Replacing your old singles with an energy-efficient alternative and making necessary upgrades such as insulating your attic, will help you save on your heating bill in the winter. Don’t go another winter with an out-dated roof! Take the leap this fall and ensure that your home is prepared for the winter ahead. If you’re looking for an energy-efficient roofing material for your home, make sure to ask your roofing contractor for more information. 


Prepare for Cold Months Ahead

Instead of waiting until next Spring to get your roof repaired, getting it repaired during the fall ensures that your house is ready for the harsh winters (especially in Michigan). Winter conditions increase water and heavy ice build-up on your roof making it a risk you don’t want to take. Before the winter comes rolling in, make sure that your roof is stable and able to handle the heavy winds, snow, and ice headed your way.  



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