How to Choose the Right Shingle Color for Your New Roof

Getting a new roof can be exciting. You’re getting peace of mind from the added protection, and like a fresh coat of paint, a new roof can completely transform the look of your home. You have a lot of elements to consider when choosing the color for your new roof. Today, you have more options than ever when it comes to color and shingle styles. Here are some guidelines to help make the choice easier.


Match Your Home’s Architectural Style

If you have a classic home, you probably want to stick with a classic color palette. A stucco home, for example, would go well with orange-red colors. If your home has more of a ranch or rustic feel, weathered grays, browns, and greens will look great.  


Compliment The Shutters

Shutter colors are easy to modify. Once you’ve found the color you love, find a roof that goes well with your choice. If your shutters sharply contrast with the siding, pick a roof color that closely matches your shutters. If you have a variegated roof, make sure one of the colors matches the shutters.


Highlight Your Features

Features like wrap-around porches, bay windows, and stone walls are homeowner favorites. Highlight these areas by choosing complimentary roof colors. If you want your covered porch to stand out, avoid selecting a roof color that is similar to the paint or wood. Picking a roof color that contrasts your window trim is a great way to make your windows pop.


Consider Your Brick Color

Brick homes have a classic look. They’re durable and can last for centuries. The downside is the color is basically permanent. The red tones of typical brick homes go well with darker browns, blacks, and grays. If your brick home features multi-colored brick stay with one roof color to avoid a chaotic look.


Don’t Forget The Sun

The sun changes the color of your home depending on the season. In the north, in areas like Grand Rapids, there is generally a blue tint while southerners experience more of a red glow. The summer sun intensifies roof colors, while overcast days wash them out. Take some shingle samples home and see how they look at different times of the day. Testing samples are the only way you’re going to really know how the natural light will affect your roof’s color.  


Choose Energy Efficiency

Some colors and shingle types can insulate your home and help you reduce energy costs. Lighter colors will reflect more heat, while darker colors absorb it. Ask your roofer if they can recommend the best shingle and color for energy efficiency in Grand Rapids.


Once your roof is installed, you’re stuck with it, at least for a while. Take your time when deciding which colors will look best on your roof. Ask your roofer for suggestions, and they might surprise you with something you never considered. Roofers get to see a lot of roofs and develop a sense for what works and what looks odd.